Panel Upgrades

Updating an old electrical panel  is the best way to safe guard your home or place of business.  Most outages and electrical fires are caused by dated electrical panels.  In addition to increasing your home or business' value, having a new, modern electrical panel gives you the ability to protect your home or offices' internal wiring.   Newly installed electrical panels have additional grounding components then those of yester year which means additional safety.   Older panels can not be used when installing solar panels because of the main breaker placement.  All the panels that we install at Ward Electric are solar ready and can be installed in 1 day.  We organize our panel upgrades in a way that allows us to get the power back on the same day with a next day inspection. 


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Remodels and additions usually require electrical work. Whether its moving 1 outlet over 2 iches or adding 15 new devices.  We, at Ward Electric, pride ourselves in our new construction and remodel work.  Even though our wires will get covered with drywall its still has look neat and clean.   For a very competitive price we can come in and coordinate with all the other trades involved and get the job done.   Through our experience in new construction and remodels we adapted to a signature wiring stratedgy which offers our clients more flexibility in terms of device placement.  
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Providing a room with recessed lighting is like give it a new life.  People who have lived in homes with modest lighting for years say that adding recessed lighting makes their home feel like a whole new environment.  In addition, doing chores like cleaning and organizing become much easier with ample lighting.  We at Ward Electric truly enjoy the artistry of lighting design and can offer our clients drawings and lighting layouts should they need them.  Offering affordable per fixture pricing, we can install any type of recessed lights whether theres an attic or not. 
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Recessed Lighting
We, at Ward Electric, utilize state of the art technology to troubleshoot electrical problems in both the residential and commercial environments.  Our electricians can determine the cause of all electrical problems and properly assess a repair strategy.  Most hosehold electrical problems can be solved within a 1 hour service call.  At which point, our electrician will describe the problem to the client and explain the necessary repairs in a easy to understand fashion.  Heres a list of common household problems:
  • Bathroom or kitchen outlet does not work
  • 1 or more garden lights do not work
  • Flourescent lighting is flickering or has a slow start
  • 1 or more breakers are tripped
  • Lamp socket is not working properly
  • Security lights are not turning off
  • Multiple outlets and switches are not working
  • Ceiling fan is noisey and wobbles
  • Exhaust fan is noisey
These issues as well as others are easily diagnosed and repaired in one visit.
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